1. American Immigrant Trends: Immigration Population

United States is the leader as a destination of immigration with a growing percent of 30% since 2000. Therefore, it is very important to study immigrants’ population trend in American society. A new analysis of the United States’ population conducted by U.S. Census Burea’s 2011 American Community Survey showed the key findings for U.S. immigration trend.

According to U.S. Census Burea’s 2011 American Community Survey, the total U.S. population was composed by 87% native born citizens and 13% foreign born immigrants.  In 2011, there were 40.4 million immigrants lived in United States, with 12.3 million people came from Russia, 10.8 million people came from Germany, 7.3 million people came from Saudi Arabia, 7.2 million people came from Canada… ect.

Among 50 states, 5 states were initial places for immigrants. They were California, accounted for 25% growing of total immigrants; New York, with a rate of 11% growing of total immigrants; Florida, took up 9% of total immigrants but 1% less than Texas while 4% higher than New Jersey. However, other states like Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi experienced rocket growth in immigration. Except Mississippi which immigration growing rate was below 74%, reached a population of 68, 000 immigrants; Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Alabama all hit a growing rate higher than 80%, of 90%、 88%、82%、82% perspectively.


The largest source for U.S. immigrants was Mexico, reached the number of 12 million Mexican immigrants in U.S., followed by 1.9 million Indians; 1.8 million Philippines and 1.7 million Chinese. Among those foreign born adults whose age above 25, more than 69% of them achieved at least high school diploma and the rate of colleague graduates reached to 27% in 2011, 3% higher than that in 2000.

However, immigration is a contributor to America economy. Based on U.S. Census Burea’s 2011 American Community Survey, the poverty of immigration rate was higher than that of native born Americans (accounted for 15%). Mexican born immigrants ranked the first poorest people at 29%, followed by 20% of Foreign born


 poverty of immigration rate

Finally, it is clear that American immigration population is still expansion with the increasing poverty rates. In other words, while the future of United States’ economy is uncertain, it seems quite clear that immigrants will play a important role in American society, isn’t it ?

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